eStar Reporting

Most school administrators will agree that a good deal of time and energy is spent generating reports. And it becomes that much more daunting when there’s a last-minute request from the DoE or a concerned parent. The eStar Reporting application reduces this burden by offering a wide array of formatted reports to meet specific everyday demands.

On average there are more than 50 types of reports in a typical school district’s eStar system. Some reports, such as a student IEPs, can be slightly modified to reflect new data; others can be created ad hoc  drawing from information in the centralized database. You can also easily import additional data from your district’s general education SIS through real time data transfer (Web Services) or scheduled nightly updates—both options offer full integration into the eStar system.

Equally important, the eStar Reporting application has a powerful reporting tools built onto each screen for easy export capability.  eStar users can also download real-time data into a third-party reporting application, such as Microsoft Access or Excel.  This flexibility not only saves time, but helps you create professional documents that cater to the specific demands of the person or organization requesting the report.

  • Draws from the centralized database of student information
  • Integrates with all general education student information management systems
  • Exports real-time data into third-party reporting applications such as Access or Excel
  • Customizable exports suitable for a wide range of reports