eStar Individual Education Program

Our flagship product, eStar Individual Education Program (IEP) application brings order to the creation and revision of student reports for teachers and administrators alike. Leveraging a powerful and comprehensive database and storing detailed information on every student district wide —eStar IEP  delivers  a  systematic, flexible and smartly designed solution.  Partner districts using our IEP solution  are afforded faster, more accurate plans without sacrificing quality, content, or loss of details unique to each student.

And because federal and state regulations can change regularly, eStar IEP  is designed to keep up with changing standards, alerting users of any new requirements that may impact student data and documentation. eStar IEP guarantees full compliance with federal and state-mandated regulations.

Highly versatile and flexible, the technology behind eStar’s IEP application is now being used by schools to create plans for Academically Intellectually Gifted (AIG) students.

  • Electronically captures information required by the state to complete individualized education plan
  • Provides bank of goals and objectives as well as state standards
  • Includes progress reports by marking period
  • Easily creates reports that compare child’s progress to IEPs
  • Application tools included to maximize efficiency in document and report creation