eStar Archive

One of the biggest advantages of partnering with ESPED is the order and organization we bring to your student information management.  Specifically, our eStar Archive solution allows you to create and maintain a complete paperless system for all  special population students. Through the powerful storage capabilities districts can archive signature pages, medical reports, progress reports, and any other important paper or electronic document and access these files instantly and securely online 24 x 7!

eStar Archive provides a safe, cost-effective, and easy way to share a student’s complete file with any user who has access to the child’s record.

  • Easily capture paper documents with signatures and store them in electronic format
  • Store correspondence from parents, signature pages, and virtually any third-party documents such as medical evaluations
  • Electronic documents may be converted back to paper for distribution
  • Archive digital voice recordings of meetings and access them as if they were documents
  • Cost effective to electronically store child’s records for more than the required seven years